Key advantages

Cero Impact

Reduces water consumption and does not contaminate, furthermore it generates a fertile compost.


Our dry toilet makes waste disposal completely safe, as it also eliminates sewage handling. Instead of chemicals products we use microorganisms.

Upper and simple extraction

Minimum work required without the need to remove or stop the system.

Price and efficiency

Cheaper than other conventional sewage treatment solutions and more efficient than other dry toilet systems

Odour free

Does not generate odour or flies thanks to the ventilation system.

Easy installation system

A simple and fast installation system compared to the sewage treatment one.

Our products

Dry toilet and/or Compost system

Permapreta® is an efficient solution for either faecal matter handling or organic matter composting. Inside the container, there are biological assets such as worms and microorganisms.

It is a hermetic system with constant ventilation. Thanks to its upper extraction it is installable at ground level. It can be integrated into kitchens and bathrooms constructions.

Urine-diverting toilet of earthenware and polythene

Permapreta® had designed a urine-diverting toilet to be able to complement either our faecal handling system or any other dry toilet.

There are available ceramic and polythene toilet, to promote greater accessibility and comfort to everyone. So that dry toilets can be another option in any construction.

Ventilation system

Permapreta® has perfected a ventilation system to be adequate for all kinds of energies. Ensuring its constant operation efficient and economic.

This system takes advantage of the air strength, it has incorporated a sophisticated electronic mechanism to control the rotation speed ensuring the continuous air extraction, adding the oxygen needed for the proper system functioning and the odour evacuation.

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